Oct 032012

Clive Robertson – The Sun

STRICTLY’S Nicky Byrne has been nicknamed GLITTERBALLS thanks to his slinky moves on the dance floor.

The former Westlife star was given the moniker by his sister-in-law.

And she is not the only one taking the mickey — Nicky’s wife of nine years, Georgina, has been mocking him for his daft dance clobber.

But the singer says Georgina loves his transformation from bar stool crooner to ballroom dancer.

He said: “My wife is buzzing with excitement. She will come to all the shows — we are very much a team.

“Her sister, Cecelia, nicknamed me Glitterballs and now that’s the running joke in my family.

“I like to put a smile on their faces.”

Nicky admits he needs a new wardrobe: “After seeing my first dance, Georgina could not stop laughing for ten minutes “She told me, ‘Seriously, you need to change your style’.

“And when I watched myself afterwards, I was like, ‘Oh no!’ I had Cuban heels with ankle socks and shorts! My legs looked so white. I am not sure I am ready for fake tan yet but everyone tells me the wall does come down eventually. Continue reading »

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Sep 292012

By Kirsty Blake Knox – The Herald.ie

WESTLIFE star Nicky Byrne has told of how his new show reminded him of the highs and lows he experienced during his time as a professional footballer.

Football’s Next Star follows 10 young hopefuls as they battle for a year-long contract with Celtic’s training academy.

Nicky said that watching the boys getting eliminated reminded him of the highs and lows of being a player: “It brought it all back.


“When I played, there were plenty of tears back at the parents’ house. There are highlights, walking out on the pitch, winning cup finals, that sort of thing.

“But there is a lot of rejection. But that’s part and parcel of football. You get dropped like that. You turn up late and you get dropped. Your boots aren’t clean, you get dropped. Continue reading »

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Sep 292012

Westlife’s Nicky Byrne launches ‘Football’s Next Star’

Video from Independant.ie. Click on the picture to go and watch.

Also from The Independant

Let’s show Trap the door — Nicky

WESTLIFE’S Nicky Byrne has joined Giovanni Trapattoni’s critics in suggesting Ireland needs a new manager.

The singer insisted the time for 73-year-old Trapattoni to step down has come.

“I think Trap’s done great, but I would like to see somebody else come in, pretty soon. Somebody like Harry Redknapp would be great because the players would know him, get on with him, understand him and when you’ve a happy squad, you get results.

“I think it would be good to see someone else at the helm now,” he said.

“I’m not a footballer at the end of the day. But for me, it’s blatant to see that there are a lot of young lads that could be coming through (but) are being left out,” added Byrne.

The 33-year-old was speaking at a screening of upcoming RTE series, ‘Football’s Next Star’, in Dublin yesterday.

The series features 10 young Irish footballers compete for a contract at Celtic Football Club’s Youth Academy, with one player sent home every week.

The opening episode will air on RTE Two on October 5.

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Sep 292012

Barry Moran – The Irish Sun


POP hunk Nicky Byrne thought his world had caved in when he was rejected by Everton as a teenager.

The ex-Westlife star was set to sign for the Premier League giants as a goalkeeper before they decided against the move.

The 33-year-old will present the Irish version of reality series Football’s Next Star when it hits RTE screens next month.

And the doting dad of two believes his own experience will help him relate to the youngsters vying for a professional contract.

Nicky explained: “When we were filming the show it brought back loads of memories because I know what they’re going through, I’ve been there. Continue reading »

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