Mar 302012

Sorry for the lack of updates of late, with Nicky keeping below the radar and us concentrating on the forum, things around here have just been quiet.

However, one highlight over the past 7 days was Georgina providing us with a little clip of naughty Nicky teasing her with chocolate and of course his “party piece” the Malteaser trick.


He does seem to struggle with this trick doesnt he, sometimes its hit and miss…and a little frustrating!!

He is stubbon and never gives up …

But he gets there in the end!!

Even in front of millions of TV viewers….. (just a shame they never televised the two failed attempts before this one!! LOL)

So we have to wonder, will the trick get an outing this tour….. and will he have improved!! Gotta love a tryer!

Mar 242012

Yes, you read that right….. Christmas in March!!! We know that these posts are a little out of season, but we felt that they were just too good to tuck straight into the archive.

First up found this article on the net :-

Celebrity Doodles 2011 in aid of Cork ARC Cancer Support House.

Credit to Irish Examiner

Who knew that Nicky was a budding Picasso!

Also we all know that Nicky’s first real Solo project after the announcement of the end of Westlife was narrating the Raymond Briggs classic The Snowman at the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin in December.

As you can see Nicky’s face was seen all over Dublin and those fans that were lucky enough to attend one of the 6 performances know what a fabulous job he made of it.

As an EXCLUSIVE to those fans that didnt get the chance to go can listen a excerpt from the show (apologies for the quality and please do not use anywhere without permission.)

Clip from Nicky narrating The Snowman


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