Jul 032012

We at NickyByrne.info were lucky enough to catch up with the man himself last week in Dublin after the farewell concert…. Here are a few words of thanks from him. (Apologies for our not so brilliant filming abilities!)

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Jun 282012

This may be a bit late, but it HAS to be shared. We here at NickyByrne.info believe this proves that Nicky could quite easily release his own single…. Maybe one day we will be lucky enough to get the full version!

Nicky was sent this on Twitter and these were his Comments


“I’m drunk!”

“Just goes to show there’s always a camera, tht was a night out with the lads in china with some random band Thankfully I’m hitting the notes”

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Jun 152012

As we are still busy on tour we’ve not had time you to go through all the footage taken. But we thought we thought we would give you a little teaser of what we’ve captured.

Some classy dance moves…..

YouTube Preview Image

Some of those sexy hip moves…..

YouTube Preview Image

And of course… the ever famous Malteser trick!

YouTube Preview Image

More Pictures and video will be uploaded as soon as we have the time!!! Enjoy

(Please credit this web-site if used elsewhere. thank you.)


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