Apr 302012

If you have been following Nicky’s twitter today you will know that yesterday he had a stint back in goal at half time at the Celtic v Rangers match in Sctoland.

Thanks to SNS pics we have a nice action shot









And a bigger thanks to who shared this video on Youtube so we all get a chance to see Nicky in action!

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Apr 302012

As per the previous article we know that Nicky spoke on Skype to MTV about Westlife beating BSB in the Battle of the Boybands.

Thanks to Erin @Westlife_USA  also known as @stuckonwestlife for recording this off the MTV site for those of us outside the states to watch. 


And the battle continues check out MTV.COM and vote for the boys agains The Beatles in the next round.


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Apr 272012

The first round of MTV’s Battle of the Boy Bands certainly shocked a lot of fans when Westlife overtook early favorites the Backstreet Boys. And fans aren’t the only ones surprised by this early victory: Westlife themselves never thought they would be able to overtake BSB.

“When I saw the bands that were listed, I thought we haven’t got a hope in hell in this, especially being up against the Backstreet Boys, to be honest with you. When I looked, I thought, well, these guys are probably going to win this, gonna be there or thereabout,” Westlife member Nicky Byrne told MTV News on Thursday (April 26) via Skype from Dublin, Ireland.

“How it came about, I noticed it on Twitter and I went into the MTV website and I said, ‘What’s all this about?’ and I see us up against the Backstreet Boys and I thought, ‘Oh no, what a challenge that is!’ So I put it on my Twitter account and it kind of snowballed from there,” he continued.

And snowball it did. The group beat the Backstreet Boys by a fairly large margin after their fans from all over the world rallied for their victory. Yet, according to Byrne, even though he’s ecstatic with the win, he expects there will be no hard feelings between the two groups.

“The funny thing is we’ve met the Backstreet Boys quite a number of times,” Byrne said. “It will be interesting to see if and when we ever bump into the guys again to have a little bit of fun, a bit of a chat about it.”

Westlife, who have been together since 1998, had minimal success in the United States, with only one single, “Swear It Again,” charting Stateside, back in 1999. Last year, the group announced that after 14 years they were calling it quits following their Greatest Hits Tour, which kicks off next month.

“I think our manager really wanted us to announce it as a break, just to say to people that it’s going to be a couple years. We’ll do some different things on our own and see where we go,” Byrne said. “But I think we all knew it was the right time to get away from each other for a long time. And genuinely, I would hate to think that I spent half of my life — more than half my life with the lads — I would hate to think that we would never sing again. But I think what we couldn’t do was lead people on false promises, and you know, whatever the rest of us go on to do, we can’t be holding on to maybe one day do a tour again. So it was the right decision to be made. Everybody is going to walk away from this with great memories and, most importantly, our friendship intact. ”

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Apr 262012
T (Tour) minus 2 weeks….

Its getting close now….. just 14 days till the big one. So this week i thought we could talk Medleys… these are always fun and lively …. and give us a chance to hear more of Nicky and Kian’s vocal talents!!

I am sure that we all have our favourite song that they perform and possibly for different reasons… but thought i’d share a few of my personal vids and faves. Then if you fancy chatting about your faves and why head over to the FORUM

First up possibly my favorite medley song…. its a shame i only managed small clips… but they are good clips ;-)

Or you could say VERY good clips :-) ;-)

Then of course we get the songs where we get lots Nicky vocals

And ones that just have the ultimate question to which all Nicky fans reply “HELL YEAH!!”

And there are not so much “songs” just routines tease!!

So what is your favourite and why? FORUM


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