Jan 242016

From the blog – Mrs Makeup (check it out for details on the make-up used at the video shoot)

Everyday is different as a make up artist, you don’t know what you could be called out to do, it makes it so exciting and spontaneous, thus the reason you need a varied kit!
While on my way to Ceira Lambert’s Hair consultancy in Shankill, the boss “Lady Lambert” called to ask if I could go over to do some male make up. Strangely (on a Saturday) I had a two hour gap so could go and do the job. After she sent me the address she decided to inform me it was for a video shoot with Westlife member Nicky Byrne, just a bit exciting who doesn’t love “Westlife” 
This shoot was for his debut solo single “Sunlight” which turns out he will be representing Ireland in the “Eurovision Song Contest” mega exciting.
Nicky is such a friendly person, it was a pleasure to work with him and the film crew.
Delighted he will represent Ireland in this years Eurovision Song Contest. The song is super catchy, a real feel good song!
Best of Luck Nicky!
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