Dec 292016

The ex-Westlife star won’t be leaving TV behind to become a TD


Nicky Byrne has said he will never follow in his father-in-law Bertie Ahern’s footsteps by going into politics.

Although he’s one of the country’s most popular presenters, the ex-Westlife star won’t be leaving TV behind to become a TD.

The 38-year-old said: “Never, absolutely never. I’ve been too close to it and it’s a thankless job

“Whether you’re good, bad or brilliant, you have to be married to the job.

“I read that Tony Blair once said, ‘Once you decide, you divide’. In other words, you can’t keep everyone happy so why would you want to do that?

“I tip my hat to every one of them but it wouldn’t be for me.”

Former Fianna Fail leader Bertie joined Nicky, his wife Georgina, 37, and their twin sons Rocco and Jay, nine, and three-year-old daughter Gia for Christmas dinner this year.

The star explained he always makes a big deal of the festive season because he has spent so much time away from home between his time in Westlife and playing soccer for Ireland as a teen.

He said: “We always have both families over for Christmas. We started the tradition when we moved into our house and now we just have everyone over every year.

“I’m not a great cook. I’ll serve everyone a few drinks, Georgina does all the cooking but I try to help out a little bit. Continue reading »

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Dec 072016

The ex-Westlife singer will present the show alongside model AmandaByram


Nicky Byrne said he wouldn’t rule out Bertie Ahern swapping politics for the polka to appear on RTE’s Dancing With The Stars.

The 38-year-old 2Fm star was yesterday [tues] announced as a presenter for the hotly anticipated reality series alongside model Amanda Byram.

And although the secret line up of celebrity contestants has been finalised for the first series, Nicky said his ex-Taoiseach father-in-law Bertie could be convinced to throw some shapes in the next season of the show.

Nicky told the Irish Mirror: “I’ll try [get him to do it] – maybe next year.”

RTE confirmed that Dancing With The Stars will kick off on January 8 and the show will be Nicky’s first TV series to present after his game show flop The Million Euro Challenge was axed last year.

The dad-of-three confessed he’s happy to be working on a show that has a tried and tested format instead of a new idea.

“I’m delighted I’m presenting a show where I don’t have a mathematical equation to explain,” Nicky said.

“Finally, it’s a format that’s proven around the world but it’s [still] not an easy job.

“I loved The Hit, but it took a bit of explaining. The Million Euro Challenge was great for me to do on shiny floor and I enjoyed it. But again it was difficult to explain and just didn’t connect. Continue reading »

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