Oct 182015

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The 2FM presenter admits the song ‘pulls at heart strings’

Westlife star Nicky Byrne has opened up about claims that the band’s song My Love was used as a CIA torture technique.

The 2fm host revealed his phone was off the hook with friends asking if he would be receiving royalties from the organisation.

“I did get a few texts from my own friends since last night, my phone didn’t stop beeping,” he said.

“I did get a text saying ‘are we getting royalties from the CIA now?’ I presume not.”

Opening up about the song’s message of missing home, the Dubliner admitted the CIA were trying to play on the prisoners “heart strings”.

“If you see there ‘CIA try to break newlywed’ and the lyrics in My Love are all about being away from home and wanting to go back to the place you love the most and all that type of stuff,” he admitted.

“I think they were trying to play on his heart strings. I’ve also heard that they mixed that song with a heavy metal song.”

Speaking to his co-host  Jenny Greene on the Nicky Byrne show, the father-of-three revealed Simon Cowell wanted My Love to sound like Paul McCartney’s hit Mull of Kintyre.

“There was an interesting story with My Love, Mull of Kintyre is an old Paul McCartney song, that was the song Simon Cowell was trying to get the Swedish songwriters back in the day [to write],” he divulged.

“The Mull of Kintyre was a benchmark lyrically to try and recreate something like that.

“We did it again with Queen of My Heart, if you listen to it, it’s probably more sounding like Mull of Kintyre but lyrically and the sentiment are pretty much similar,” he added

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