Mar 282015

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RADIO star Nicky Byrne has revealed his long-term hopes for remaining on prime-time Saturday night television.

The ex-Westlife singer, who currently fronts Lotto show The Million Euro Challenge on RTE One, joked that the “shiny floor” is where he belongs.

“Shiny floor, prime-time Saturday night television is always where I’ve wanted to be,” he said.

As Brendan O’Connor comes to the end of his tenure on The Saturday Night Show to make way for Ray D’Arcy, 2fm host Nicky (36) said he will always look at opportunities about hosting other shows.

“You have to look at all options. Even with my Westlife years, Saturday night television is always something I’ve wanted to do,” he said. “If opportunities arose, you have those meetings.


“You look at what Ant & Dec are doing, and the X Factor…all those sorts of things so if it’s shiny floor, family entertainment then I’d love to be a part of it.”

The singer also revealed he hopes to have his debut solo single out before the end of the year and is finalising plans for it.

“I’m just at the moment sealing everything up with management and approaching labels,” he said.

“My plan is to get one particular song mixed properly out of 11.

“I still have to record three of those 11 and I’ll write some more as well to get the whole thing finished. The plan is still to get something out by the end of the year.”

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Mar 222015

Sorry been a little behind! Here’s the pictures I’ve found in the last couple weeks :-)

06.03.15 10-03-15 11-03-15 poncho 19-03-15 2 19-03-15 20-03-15 Car Keith Barry


Couple of old St Patricks Day ones

17-03-15 Jedda 17-03-15 Jedda 2


And some winners from The Million Euro Challenge

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Mar 042015

There were veteran radio DJs who questioned his capabilities on the airwaves, but Nicky Byrne’s 2FM show is riding high and yesterday toasted the first birthday of the popular weekday radio programme at The Bridge in Dublin.

nicky2fmfeat-640x427 2fm-Nicky-Byrne-Show-with-Jenny-Green-Birthday-1 2fm-Nicky-Byrne-Show-with-Jenny-Greene-Birthday-14

Father-of-three Byrne took over the 11-2pm slot last year, after station head Dan Healy drafted in the former Westlife singer in a schedule reshuffle.

‘I’ve been on shows similar to this around the world and I felt it was about the right time, the right person to be with and I’m forever thankful for Dan for giving me that opportunity,’ he said.

‘In many ways, we were joined at the hip because in many ways if it was a failure, he would have went down with me – but certainly, he wouldn’t have put me in if he felt it wouldn’t work.’

Dubliner Byrne dismissed initial critics of the radio show, which he anchors alongside Jenny Greene.

‘Maybe presenters who have been in the game a long time felt that I didn’t deserve that chance, but funnily enough, I have been on radio since I was 15 from the football then Westlife but I have been on radio in a live scenario for far longer than these people,’ he said. Continue reading »

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