Jun 212015

So on Friday Nicky was on GMB to announce the winner of their Totally Modern Dad competition.

You may be able to watch this clip HERE (sorry it cannot be uploaded to youtube because of copyright)

CH38Gp2UcAADsgU CH38Gp6UsAEpKSA CH38KjiUYAAE2Ti CH38KjmUEAA5Gc1 liverpool echo Runner up


Also thanks to @TeamByrneMx for screenshots. More HERE

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Jun 212015


15-06-15 Davy 16-06-15 Twins 18-06-15 2 carl tennis 18-06-15 3 carl tennis 18-06-15 4 carl tennis   18-06-15 grunt off 18-06-15 oxfam 18-06-15 185-06-15 CHy_P6aWIAAIrtq18-06-15 CHy_QEuWoAA7Sqs18-06-15 CHy_QGjWEAAa_be

From Periscope … Thanks to  @TeamByrneMx  see more HERE

Thanks to Linda @linny_pinnyx

Launching OxJam

19-06-15 Jamie Raven  20-06-15 u14s trophies   20-06-15 u14s trophies 2

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