Feb 262015

A video of the parade from 2014 has been posted up by Dale Farm.

Dale Farm Milk Cup 2014 Opening Parade & Ceremony with Special Guest Nicky Byrne. The former footballer turned popstar and TV personality participated in the tournament three times for Dublin side Home Farm and later with Leeds United. The 2014 tournament kicked off with the inaugural Under 13

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Feb 222015

This year Nicky teamed up with RET1′s Operation Transformation to run a 7 week radio show in conjunction with the TV show, bringing live training sessions and helpful tips to the airwaves, culminating in a 5k live run in The Phoenix Park in Dublin and Blarney Park in Cork.

CLICK HERE to listen to all the shows.


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Feb 222015

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Op Trans

21-02-15 Tracksuit  21-02-15 Karl 21-02-15 Leaders


And as ever thanks to Linda (@linny_pinnyx ) for the great pics. (please ask her permission to use the photos)

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Feb 162015

RTE presenter Nicky Byrne has recalled how he got caught up in the football riot at Landsdowne Road 20 years ago.

The former Westlife singer (36) revealed the riots broke out on the day he was attending his first international match on his own – a friendly game between Ireland and England.

“I had always gone with my dad to see Ireland play and here I was out for the first time on my own and I walked into this,” he remembered.

“The thing I remember straight away going into Landsdowne road that night was the atmosphere.

“There was such hatred. You couldn’t hear the national anthems of either England or Ireland, such was the booing going on.

“I was only a kid then, but I knew something was going to kick off,” he added.

Luckily, Nicky was with his friends in the south terrace which was away from the English hooligans who were in the upper West Stand.

However, he says he can still remember “all hell breaking loose” when Ireland scored after 20 minutes. Continue reading »

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