Apr 272015

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Every radio station in Ireland will be available to listen to on the new mobile platform

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Nicky Byrne and Claire Byrne celebrated at the launch of the Irish Radioplayer App, which sees every radio station in Ireland available on a single mobile platform.

Keelin Shanley form RTE Radio, Beki Miller from Spin1038 and Ruth Egan from FM104 also joined in on the fun.

“The Irish Radioplayer app will be of great benefit to all Irish radio stations that take part in it,” Minister of Communications Alex White said.

“Listeners will benefit from having a quality audio stream of their favourite local, regional or national radio shows available, regardless of where they are.”

“It’s also an innovative way of promoting Irish stations in an increasingly competitive multi-platform environment.”

Meanwhile, head or radio at RTE Radio 1 Tom Maguire agreed the new app is a fantastic move.

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Apr 262015
Walking on Broken Glass 23-4-15

Son on the Nicky Byrne Show today poor crash test dummy Carl was made to walk on 200 broken bottles! (please do not try this at home!) But for once, what was good enough for Carl, was also ok for Nicky and Jenny to have a try at! Thanks to Anne (@TeamByrneMx ) for the periscope video and RTE for letting us see Nicky do it!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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Apr 212015

Apologies ITV will not allow us to share the small interview that Nicky did. Here are the photo’s though from the day.

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