Apr 042014

So tonight Nicky appeared with Scott Mills talking to Zoe Ball about the finalists of this years The Voice UK.

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Mar 282014

So today Nicky and Jenny did their first outside broadcast from the Roadcaster in Stephens Green, Dublin in aid of  @DaffodilDay2014. Here are some great shots from the day.

Bj0B9xzIMAAXiGu.jpg large   28-03-14 Bjz0dGGIgAAdZ3b.jpg large   28-04-14 Bjz2m63IgAAEbzV.jpg large


28-03-14 Bj0gUXlIQAA_W6E.jpg large tweet   28-03-14 Bj0FiSVIMAAkxF0.jpg large tweet

28-03-14 Bj0gUXlIQAA_W6E.jpg large                     28-03-14 Bj0FiSVIMAAkxF0.jpg large


28-03-14 Bj0WE8_IQAAbrbo.jpg large tweet    28-03-14 Bj0cyWgIQAAnt6Q.jpg large tweet


28-03-14 Bj0WE8_IQAAbrbo.jpg large    28-03-14 Bj0cyWgIQAAnt6Q.jpg large


28-03-14 Bj0niSMIIAEjdtX.jpg large tweet

28-03-14 Bj0niSMIIAEjdtX.jpg large

Some more shots added to the Official 2FM Facebook page

Credit below to contactmusic.com



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