Apr 302014

Another classic Feel The Byrne today, complete with some first class innuendos!

Photographic proof of THAT moment!


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Apr 272014

So Jenny returned from her weekend in Spain minus something very important to her job…. HER VOICE! But Nicky kept her busy!

22-4-14    22-4-14 2


Then by the end of the week Nicky then went and “photobombed” Jenny’s Paulo Nitini picture and we all know how much she loves him! Naughty Nicky!



And finally and oldie but a goodie… don’t forget you can purchase your Socceraid tickets HERE


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Apr 212014

So April 20th was Rocco and Jays 7th birthday. According to the Herald they’ll be having a party when they return to school and yesterday was just a family day. Nicky kindly shared a lovely picture of him and his boys.

20-04-14 BlsFDIHIYAA8upa.jpg large

boys birthday


EIMEAR RABBITTE – Published 19 April 2014 06:55 AM

HE used to sell out some of the world’s biggest stadiums with Westlife, and now Nicky Byrne will get to grips with a very different gig this weekend — his twin sons’ birthday.

The new 2fm presenter and his wife Georgina Ahern are looking forward to a quiet Easter holiday and celebrating Rocco and Jay’s seventh birthday.

Nicky (35) is looking forward to kicking back with his family after a busy few months getting his first full-time radio show on the road.

“They’re seven on Easter Sunday so it’s exciting,” proud mum-of-three and wife Georgina told the Herald. They’re going to have a birthday party when they go back to school, which will probably be mad.

“So we’ll have a great family day this weekend and we’re really looking forward to it.”

Yesterday the twins enjoyed a family day out at Silk’s restaurant in Malahide which hosted a fundraiser for CARI, a charity which provides counselling for teenagers.

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Apr 182014

Sorry that we’ve got a bit behind… was busy last week watching Big Stars Little Star filmed (boy its funny! And twins are so cute) and then been under the weather since :-( Anyway, here are all the lovely pictures of Nicky that he and 2Fm have shared in the last week…

Nicky and Georgina

13-04-14 BlHIm5JIQAAvJEi.jpg large 15-04-14 BlPxWWaIYAAd575.jpg large


08-04-14 0008c3bf-600 10-04-14 Bk4qLrHIEAATOAL.jpg large 11-04-14 Bunny EARS 11-04-14 Easter Bunny 16-04-14 easter egg taste 16-04-14 17-04-14 0008cf75-440 17-04-14 bEER 17-04-14 Guidedogs

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