Dec 302013

As he has already told us he has written a few tunes and recorded them to! We’re hoping that we get to hear that his track has been picked up for the Cecelia Ahern movie soon… but in the meantime it seems he has been recording some more!

recording29-12-13 Bcrd4m5IgAApMOu.jpg large

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Dec 162013

Apologies, we seem to have got a bit behind with the pictures! I did prepare the post, just forgot to add it… I shall go and sit on the naughty step!

So Nicky gave us a glimpse of one of his outfits for the Strictly Tour 2014….. and we have to say whit woo Mr Byrne!!

 7-12-13 Bazn0pwIcAAf4be.jpg large

And then he has been taking to the pitch with his boys…. Although not sure he sure be teaching them dirty tattics! LOL

08-12-13 Ba6ksrOIMAAXzuZ.jpg large

And its begining to feel a lot like Christmas….. its that jumper time of year!

12-12-13 BbTimCZIgAAd1ru.jpg large

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