Aug 302013

And so here we have the first glimps of the suit for tonight as Nicky warms up the RTE Orchastra!!

30-08-13 BS7v40HCIAACttv.jpg large   30-08-13 BS8TYejIQAED6dV.jpg large   30-08-13 BTBe-9LCAAEeu0k.jpg large    30-08-13 BS_QvYAIcAA1pQb.jpg large   30-08-13 1175332_695859373760914_982754182_n   30.08.13 1238916_695859093760942_686280361_n

Radio Interviews

Hector 2FM Am 30-08-13

Jenny Green 2FM Before the show

Gerry Ryan BBC Radio Ulster 31-08-13 (A husky Nicky and this contains some interesting news about Nicky writing/recording!)


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Aug 242013

So this week was the last of the heats. Both Nicky and Aidan looked exceptionally dapper in thier suits!


Jenny Green 2FM before the show

After the show

One very cute picture posted from backstage beforehand

23.08.13 BSYDZurIYAACeua.jpg large

And a great little video… these two together are just so funny!

“Aidan Stinks”

Thanks to @graciestylist for a couple of lovely pics

23-08-13 BScsZDzIUAE1AgC.jpg large    23-08-13 1157592_628790607153198_282986039_n

And a few screen caps

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Aug 162013

And so another week! Here’s the first radio interview and we’ll try and add photo’s as they appear.

Jenny Green 2FM Before show

After the show

A great, fun little video from Nicky

YouTube Preview Image

Some screencaps from tonights show

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