Apr 242013

Ken Sweeney, Entertainment Editor – 24 April 2013 10:40 AM Herald.ie

NICKY Byrne says he doesn’t mind if the forthcoming solo record from former bandmate Shane Filan sounds like Westlife.

The 34-year-old said he was “thrilled” last week when the bankrupt singer signed a new deal with London Records.

“Shane was the sound of Westlife after all,” he said.

“His was the voice people would recognise on the radio, so it’s going to be very hard for him not to make a record that doesn’t sound like Westlife.

“But that won’t bother me; in fact, I am eager to hear what Shane’s new record sounds like,” Nicky said.

The Malahide man described his former bandmate as “starting over again”, but declined to comment any further on Filan’s financial troubles, which saw him declared bankrupt in the UK last June.

“I know he’s going to do well, especially because Louis Walsh is managing him,” he said.


Nicky revealed that another bandmate – Mark Feehily – could be following with his own solo album .

“Mark is a brilliant songwriter but, a singer at heart, so of course he will be doing an album. That should be a great record, too,” he said.

Revealing how he had often clashed with bandmates over ‘Project Westlife’, he said that the group had never fallen out and remained the best of friends.

Jumping straight from Westlife into BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, Nicky said that he was working on a number of TV projects, as well as spending time with wife Georgina Ahern and their twins, Jay and Rocco, who celebrated their sixth birthday last week.

The former boyband star got some down to earth experience pressing the flesh last month when he was asked to be Grand Marshal for Dublin St Patrick’s Day parade.

And he revealed he was a fan of ousted Voice contestant John Gaughan.


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