Feb 252016

ALMOST four years after Westlife devastated fans by announcing their split, Nicky Byrne will return to perform in front of millions as this year’s Irish Eurovision entrant – a prospect even he’s admitted is “daunting”.    CcDbLqpXIAAmh4P

However, he’s hoping that thanks to his 14 years in one of the biggest selling boybands off all time, he’ll be in good stead to avoid the dreaded “nil points” which has haunted so many countries before him, including the UK.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk at last night’s Brit Awards, Nicky said: “It’s like 200 million people watching so you have to blank that out. It is daunting.”

Thankfully, Westlife sold out stadiums across the world, which is an accomplishment his competitors can’t boast.

“You can’t buy experience,” he explained. “And hopefully that will stand to you, but you still get nervous – nobody’s bulletproof. But that arena in Stockholm I’ve done with Westlife so you’d like to think you won’t freeze on the night.”

Although, with nerves aside, the pop star revealed he is itching to get back on that stage, adding: “I’m excited, I’ve always loved Eurovision. I’ve delivered the votes for the past three years in Ireland and I’ve co-written a song which I think could do well.”

The UK are yet to pick their entrant, as six aspiring singers will go head to head this Friday for a spot in this year’s grand final.

On his rivals, Nicky continued: “I’ve listened to them all, all six of them and it’s just so hard especially when it’s a public vote. There’s a Biff song in their that he’s co-written with Leona Lewis but I have to say its going to be a close call.

“But I think it’s great that all the countries are taking it so seriously because outside the UK and Ireland, it’s one of the biggest music shows in the world. Now it feels, certainly for Ireland, they’re trying to do something different, which is what the UK are dong as well, which is a good start.”

Ahead of tomorrow night’s sing-off to select the UK’s bid for glory, Express.co.uk spoke to Eurovision hopefuls Joe and Jake, who insisted their experience on The Voice will work to their favour.

By Adam Miller

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Feb 142016

Nicky Byrne is a man of many talents – he sang with Westlife for 14 years, danced into our hearts in Strictly Come Dancing, proved himself a success with his 2FM radio show and now he’s about to conquer the Eurovision.

With the release of his debut solo single and Ireland’s Eurovision entry Sunlight, Goss.ie sat down with the incredibly popular singer, who is looking to make his mark back in the music industry.

After getting to sit through a full rehearsal of his performance on The Ray D’Arcy Show, Nicky is clearly a perfectionist and goes over the performance over and over again until every single person in the room is happy.

Fresh off the stage, Nicky strolls into the room in his signature leather jacket, tri-colour ear pieces he uses while performing and the biggest smile on his face I’ve ever seen. Especially when he says he hopes his father, who passed away in 2009, is watching him proudly.

“I hope so. My dad was a big inspiration in my life. He was a musician. His two things were football and music which I ended up going on to do,” he told Goss.ie.

“Whether you believe in it or not this year feels like everything just came together. Continue reading »

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